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Savor every last bite of our Crispy Spicy Anchovy (Extra Spicy), expertly crafted to keep you hooked till the end. Using cutting-edge Japanese machinery technology, excess oil is efficiently removed, making it healthier and reducing guilt with each serving. Enjoy the fiery kick and irresistible crunch without

1) No MSG

2) No Food Additive

3) No Preservative

4) No Artificial Colouring.


Ready to serve !

Crispy Spicy Anchovy ( Extra Spicy ) 120gm

SKU: 9555839300667
  • Ingredients :

    Anchovy, Chili, Onion, Garlic, Cooking Oil, Sugar, Salt, Beancurd Cracker, Curry Leaves.

    Bahan - Bahan :

    Ikan Bilis, Chili, Bawang, Bawang Putih, Minyak Masak, Gula, Garam, Tauhu Rangup, Daun Kari.

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