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Enjoy the savory flavors of Malaysia with our Saute Master 1 Mammy Sauce. Simply coat 800g of meat with corn starch, deep fry until golden brown, then sauté with our sauce. Perfect for 4-5 servings, this authentic Malaysian delight is sure to satisfy.

Mammy Sauce / Sos Mammy /妈蜜酱

SKU: 9555839300841
  • Ingredients :

     • Yeast Extract, Soy Sauce, Modified Starch, Sugar, Plum, Vinegar, Seasoning, Permitted Preservative (Sodium Benzoate E211).


    配料 :

    • 酵母精华,酱油,淀粉,糖,醋,调味料,准许防腐剂(苯酸钠E211)。


    Bahan - Bahan :

     • Ekstrak Yis, Kicap, Modified Starch, Gula, Cuka, Perasa Pengawet diluluskan (Sodium Benzoate E211).

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