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Looking to grab a quick drink but bored of all the usual flavors? Reward yourself with a little pick-me-up from Aik Cheong ( 益昌 )’s new line of drinks — IT’S by Aik Cheong ( 益昌 ). Packaged in convenient hand-held cups for ease of transport, you can improve your productivity and achieve greater feats with the new improved formula. The best part is, they come in refreshing new flavors! This product is Halal certified.


Singapore Nutri Grade - C ( 8% Suger )

Aik Cheong It's Cup - Teh Tarik (72g)

Teh Tarik Premix with Gula Melaka ( 40g )
Nata De CoCo ( 32g )

AiK Cheong It’s Teh Tarik - Gula Melaka ( 72g )

All orders will be consolidated every Tuesdays.
  • 1pkt - Teh Tarik Premix with Gula Melaka ( 40g )

    1pkt - Nata De CoCo ( 32g )

    1pc - Straw

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