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ARKON Coral Seaweed Dessert is made from Natural ingredients. This product is This product is VEGETARIAN – 素食


Ingredients: Water, snow fungus, coral seaweed (sea birdnest), honey rock sugar (control cough & sore throat), Longan Red Dates (blood circulation), Wolfberry (Improve eyesight, vitamin C, iron, calcium, fiber & antioxidants) 水,雪耳,珊瑚草(海燕窝),石蜂糖,桂圆龙眼,红枣,枸杞


BENEFITS of Coral Seaweed Jelly Dessert



  1. Collagen - 胶原蛋白 ( 促进皮肤 )
  2. Calcium - 钙质 ( 強壮骨骼 )
  3. Fiber - 纤维 ( 排便排毒 )




To maintain product quality, Please keep away from direct SUNLIGHT, HEAT and MOISTURE



ARKON Coral Seaweed Dessert

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